Pet Allergies

An allergy?

‘An allergy is a reaction of the immune system to a common substance known as an allergen’

Allergies can have an immediate or delayed reaction, which can make it more difficult to notice.

Allergies are very common amongst humans, but yet we tend to not consider them with our pets.

The reaction a pet may have to an allergen is exactly the same as what a human may experience, they just can’t tell you about it and what they’ve been in contact with. Which is why it is very important to observe our pets closely.

An allergen?

An allergen is the substance in which your pet is allergic to.

Allergens can be inhaled, ingested or even just come into contact with the skin to start an allergic reaction.

The list of potential allergens is endless as each individual patient can be allergic to something completely different.

Did you know a dog can even be allergic to cats?!

Skin complaints are one of the most common problems we see with our furry patients. Whether it’s ears, feet or just skin in general.

Signs we may see with a skin response to an allergen include:

– Over-grooming
– Excessive licking
– Rashes
– Irritated skin
– Scratching
– Face rubbing
– Paw Chewing
– Inflamed ears
– Hair loss

Does your pet display any of these signs?

Some common allergens include:

– Food; including chicken, milk and wheat
– Pollens from numerous trees
– Grasses
– Weeds
– Plants
– Moulds
– Mites – particularly house dust mite
– Insects – particularly the flea

As mentioned before, this list is endless.