Pet Fit Club

Obesity is “the pathological accumulation of fat in excess of that needed for optimal body function”

If your pet is 20% above their ideal weight, they are classed as being obese.

Obesity is caused by taking in more energy(in food calories) than is being used.

This could be because of several factors including:

  • Overfeeding/not following feeding quides
  • High fat/ human foods
  • Insufficient exercise

Obesity in animals can lead to a number of ailments including

  • Joint problems
  • Respiratory/Heart problems
  • Diabetes

What happens at the Club?

Your pet should first have a full health check with the Vet to rule out any possible underlying cause for their weight.

Once you have seen the Vet you will then be referred on to one of our nurses Jennifer, Nicki, Jenny or Clare.

When you see the nurse for the first time they will weigh, measure and bodyscore your pet. They will take a full history of health (if relevant) diet and exercise. They will work with you to formulate a diet and exercise plan which is realistic and achievable! They will record everything on a chart so that next time you come it is easy to see and compare.

We recommend that you bring your pet back to be weighed every 4-6 weeks so that we can monitor how they are doing, and see if for any reason they are not losing weight like they should.

What is it?

Pet Fit Club is a club that you can join with the aim of helping your pet to lose, gain or maintain their weight.

This club is run by our nurses in practice and includes complementary clinics where we will try and help you to help them.

The aims;

  • To gradually lose fat whilst maintaining lean body mass
  • Decrease energy intake
  • Control Hunger
  • Maintain adequate balanced diet
  • Help maintain joint health

Ultimately to lose weight in order to prevent associated health problems and to increase life expectancy along with life quality.