Summer Health Care


Never walk your pets in the midday heat – it is too hot! The best time to walk your pet is before 8am and after 6pm when it is at it’s coolest. If you walk your pet in extreme heat it will lead to heat stroke and can be fatal. Would you run around at midday in a fur coat on a hot day?
When it is hot the pavement also becomes very hot – which can burn our pets’ feet – have you ever walked barefoot on red hot pavement – ouch!

If you need to take your pet out make sure you take plenty of water to drink and try and keep in the shade as much as you can. Hosing your pet down after a walk can help to cool them down.

Direct Sunlight

This applies to all pets. Do not shut your pet outside if there are no areas of shade and shelter that your pet can seek. Do not place hutches/runs in areas of direct sunlight – rabbits and guinea pigs can develop serious heat stroke too! Don’t leave indoor pets’ cages directly next to the window or in conservatories as these too become over heated.


Pets die in hot cars – NEVER leave your pet in a hot car, even for a few minutes with the windows down. A hot car is like a hot oven, as it sits in the heat it just becomes hotter and hotter with no moving air to cool it down. If your pet is sat in this hot car they too will over heat and be unable to cool down, this leads to heat stroke, organ failure and ultimately death.


Know the signs of heat stroke and know who to call
Signs of heatstroke are excessive panting, extreme salivation, distress and collapse. You may see a dark red or blue colour on their gums and tongue.
Pets must be cooled down gradually, tipping ice cold water on them will decrease their temperature too quickly and will result in shock. Use cool (not cold) water, fans, and soaking towels in cool water and applying them to the pet – changing regularly as they will become heated from your pet and keep the heat in.

We recommend getting your pet to a Vet ASAP if you suspect heat stroke – heat and hyperventilating can cause a lack of oxygen and can result in permanent organ damage.

If during our opening hours contact us immediately on 01226 756688. If it is outside our opening hours you will need to contact our emergency out of hours provider Vets Now Doncaster and Sheffield.

Sun Cream

Our pets skin is very sensitive and can burn – just like ours. Especially in areas with thin or little fur such as ears, nose and stomach. Particularly white pets are prone to burning and also skin cancer. Use a pet specific sun cream on these areas on a sunny day.

Fresh Water

Our pets must always have water available, but it is even more important in the hot months. Pets can easily dehydate in the heat which can lead to very serious organ failure. Ensure you check water dishes and bottles regularly. A good tip to keep them cools is to give pets frozen treats

Keep Cool

There’s nothing nicer than a good air con or fan in the summer! That goes for pets too – if you’re hot, then your pet is too! Let them lay on cool floors and use fans and keep out of conservatories. Use ice treats to help keep them cool. A good idea is to get long haired pets clipped short for the summer.