One of the most important aspects of owning a pet is ensuring that it is kept up to date with its vaccinations for both its wellbeing, the greater animal population and indeed your families.

Unless all pets are vaccinated regularly, there is always the risk of an outbreak of infectious diseases in the wider community which can in severe cases prove fatal.

It is paramount that your cats, dogs and rabbits are protected annually against potentially serious conditions which in some cases can be transferred to humans.

When born young animals are usually protected from infectious diseases by their mother’s milk but this only last a few weeks so they need to be introduced to a programme of vaccinations from an early age with annual shots to safeguard their health as this immunity declines.

Here at The Veterinary Surgery when can talk you through your pet’s requirements from a young age. Puppies are vaccinated from eight weeks old with two vaccines four weeks apart and then every year thereafter. Kittens are vaccinated at nine weeks and twelve weeks of age then annually. If you have a pet rabbit please check its vaccination requirements with us.

Don’t forget kennel cough for dogs. Although not compulsory, it is important if your dog is staying in kennels that it is protected. Many boarding establishments won’t accept them without this nasal vaccine, which must be administered at least two weeks before their stay.

As part of our discussions with you about vaccinations we will also advise on the importance of microchipping your pet and the need for both worming and flea treatment regimes.v