Senior Pets

Due to domestication, improved veterinary care and dietary changes pets are living longer than ever before – and we want to keep it that way! However,because of the increased life span we are starting to see a lot more age related problems. Noticing and treating these problems early can mean many more happy years with your pet.

Cats and Dogs aged 8 years and over are classed as senior pets. As our pets start to get older their bodies start to go through many changes, slowing them down and also possibly leading to health problems. Throughout September we are offering special discounts for our elderly patients to try and help you to help your pet to have as happy and as long life as possible.

Senior health checks

Not all health problems can be picked up from a physical examination alone – but a thorough examination and a detailed history from you will point us towards any possible problems.

Whether your elderly pet is already showing signs at home or if you are just wanting them checking over – call and book in today!

As our pets get older their bodies start to go through some changes – which could potentially lead to health problems in your pet. These can be things like Arthritis, Kidney disease and Heart Problems. Most health problems will have associated clinical signs which you may see at home. However, some subtle changes are not always noticed but may be picked up on examination.

We are always available to give you any information or advice you require. If you think your senior pet may be displaying any different behaviours at home but are not sure if something is wrong, call and speak to one of us at the surgery, we can give you advice over the phone if this is suitable or arrange an appointment for a Senior Health Check if necessary.

Or if you would simply like to know more about clinical signs and things to look out for in elder patients, speak to one of us today, we are more than happy to help.

Senior Pet Foods

Due to the body changing, dietary requirements also change. Virbac Senior foods are specifically designed for the senior patient. By feeding your elderly pet a senior diet you can help prevent some problems and also relieve some of the clinical signs. It is recommended to start feeding dogs senior food from the age of 7 (different breeds/sizes vary) and cats from the age of 10.

Some of the benefits of the Virbac Senior Foods are: protecting gastr-intestinal health, protecting the kidneys, maintaining urinary health, helping with brain function, helping to maintain healthy joints, protecting against cell ageing, maintaining a healthy skin and coat, helping to maintain muscle mass and reducing the risk of obesity.

This is a list of just some of the common age related health problems we see and some of the possible signs to look for.

  • cancer – This is a difficult one as not all cancer can be seen the typical thing to look for would be lumps or bumps that have grown recently but look for any unwellness in your pet.
  • heart disease – you may see coughing, intolerance to exercise and difficulty with breathing
  • kidney disease – you may see increased (almost excessive) thirst, increased urination, vomiting, weight loss and a decreased appetite.
  • liver disease – you may see an increased thirst, vomiting, decreased appetite, weight loss and you may see a yellow colour to the gums or eyes.
  • diabetes – you may see excessive thirst, increased urination including accidents in the house, recent weight loss despite still eating, vomiting and lethargy.
  • joint or bone disease – you may notice struggling to get up or down, intolerance to exercise, lameness, sudden yelps of pain or swelling of joints.
  • senility – you may notice several behavioural changes including confusion, vocalising, anxiety and some house soiling.

There are many age asociated health problems all with their own clinical signs, we are unable to list them all here but if there is a specific problem that you would like some more information about please do contact us.

The sooner a problem is detected the sooner treatment can be started and the greater the quality of life and life expectancy.